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Why Signup to Yumi Delivery?

Our app provides you with full flexibility to:

1.Register Now

Once registered you can start work immediately without the need to pay registration or onboarding fees

2.Start Working

Hit the ground running ( or driving ) by working the areas you already know , decreasing delivery times and reducing reliance on navigation tools

3.Earn Money

Get paid directly to your bank account and create a steady income either every 2 weeks or when you reach £100.

How To Signup to Yumi Delivery

What You’ll Need

• You must be over 18 and able to prove your rights
to work within the UK as self-employed along with
appropriate documents.

• You’ll need a form of transportation such as a car,
motorbike along with the appropriate licence and food delivery (H&R) insurance documents and any safety equipment such as helmet and lights.

• Passport or ID copy. The passport should be a British/Irish passport (or non-British/Irish passport accompanied by evidence of residence).

• Driving license’s check code.

• For normal and electric bikes, you will only need to provide us with ID/ Passport copy (The passport should be a British/Irish passport (or non-British/Irish passport accompanied by evidence of residence)).

• In order to use the Yumi app as part of your work you will need a smartphone with a minimum operating system of IOS 12 | Android 9.


3 Steps for Signup

1. Signup

Add your personal information and select mode of transport:
• Car / Bicycle / Motorbike / Any other kind of 4-wheel vehicle

2. Submit Documents

Appropriate documents for the delivery vehicle selected.
When uploading images please ensure:
• All image attachments are clear and not fuzzy or poor-quality
• Text is clearly readable
• The entire document is visible from corner to corner

3. Full Background Check

Once signed up as a Yumi driver, you will receive a confirmation email with questions to complete your background check.
Please note: You may additionally be asked to submit a separate set of documents to complete basic disclosure and right-to-work checks.

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