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Yumi is a new concept of food delivery, bringing fresh home-cooked meals straight to the doors of households across the world. Yumi allows talented home chefs to make money from their food on their terms. It also provides easy work for delivery drivers, who are essential in creating the connection between cooks and their customers.

Here we will cover the Yumi platform in more detail and explain what opportunities it presents for our franchisees. We will lay out the expectations and what they can expect from us in terms of payment, opportunities and ongoing support.

 Simple and delicious is our ethos. Simple ways to connect, get creative, and make money for our Franchisees and delicious food for our customers.

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What is Yumi?

Yumi is the new food app that provides a great choice for the customer and creative freedom for chefs to have the opportunity to sell food from their home kitchens by allowing them to connect with discerning foodies in their area through the App and offering them the latest culinary creations.

We thoroughly vet our chefs to ensure they meet our high standards; thereby ensuring a great customer experience and a solid reputation for our platform. Once they have signed up with Yumi; chefs can respond to requests in their area, post pictures of available dishes to their profile or announce a dish of the day and wait for the orders to flood in.

Yumi takes the concept of food delivery one step further – allowing delicious, nutritious meals to become part of every home.

There are plenty of food delivery apps around, but do they deliver quality food ?

The Yumi App is a great concept because it enables both customers and chefs to benefit from the App by addressing the following problems and solving them :

  • The fast-food delivered by Apps is often not nutritious, people now demand more from their delivery food.
  • The App gives creative freedom to chefs by allowing them to create their own menu or cuisine unlike when they work in a restaurant.
  • Home cooks may not have previously thought of selling their food, but when they see this opportunity with Yumi they will change their minds and enjoy building up a work-from-home business.

Our Vision

We believe that a startup is only as strong as its vision. That’s why at Yumi we have an ambitious vision to become:

  • The World’s Number 1 Home-Cooked Food Delivery Concept


Yumi’s team is made up of several respected business owners and franchisees who are experienced at creating new businesses by recognizing new concepts and picking up new trends that will be worth franchising in. We have experience in creating successful apps including Washare and we are keen to bring on board like-minded Franchisees who can help us grow and achieve our vision.

We also see our chefs as an integral part of the team. We carefully vet and select our chefs to ensure the Yumi App users get the best quality food and service and therefore; increase the user retention which leads to more profit for the franchisee.

Yumi operates a call center that is open 24/7 for our customers and they can also reach out using the app. Once a customer contacts us with an inquiry, you will be included from the beginning of the process as we provide the needed assistance and you will also be informed of any decisions made regarding your operation.


    We are a company that has already achieved several milestones and created several successful businesses. We created the popular Washare App, which enables customers to get their laundry done with the click of an app. We have built up a dedicated base of customers and a team of happy service providers on this app.

    New funding from franchisees would help us take the Yumi App around the world. We have already developed the App, website and secured some significant franchising opportunities. Now is the chance for you to come on board and make money from all the food orders that will come flooding in once we’re up and running.

      Business Model

      We provide an opportunity for you to work on your own terms. You won’t need any kind of premises to operate, you will receive our business management training and after that; you will control the portal and manage transactions taking place in your territory.

      For example, let’s assume you are given a zone with an average of 62,000 residents and only 0.5% of the population decides to order from the Yumi App at least once a week with a variable value (depends on the value of the order in each country UK – Turkey – France – Italy – Egypt)

      If the minimum transaction is hypothetically $15, that would total at $18,600/month. The profit is distributed as follows, 75% of the transaction goes to the service provider and the Franchisee get 20% (the remaining 5% goes to Yumi for royalty fees). So, this means that you’ll be making approximately $3,720/month. Also, take into consideration that we assume that every customer will use the app once a week and the minimum order will be $15, it could be way more than this.

      Remember we are looking at the lower end of possible income, we will never aim for this. We aim much higher as it is not our target to get only 0.5% of the population to use our service, we aim as high as we can and as a result; you should breakeven in a short period of time. If you are interested, our Yumi Franchising opportunity is based on a 5-year contract. We ask for 20% upfront as initial payment and the rest can be paid within 6 months.

      What kind of training will the franchisee be getting before and during the contract?

      The Franchisee will be getting business management training to show him what exactly he will be doing. And he will be trained on the software along with 2 other users of his choice.

      Will the franchisor always be there to assist the franchisee when needed?

      Yes, our 24/7 customer support will be there for any inquiries or assessments.

      Will the contract include everything that has been agreed upon by both parties?

      It will have even more info than what we discussed with the customer.

      Is there a registered patent for the service being sold?

      Yes sure and you will be provided with the barcode for the registration

      Would franchisees be able to contact other franchisees?

      Yes sure, and we will have a reference number for one of our franchisees to be a point of reference for other franchisees.

      Will the franchisee be registered in the franchisee’s union in each country?

      Yes, sure!

      Will there be any extra fees excluding the initial fee that the franchisee should know about?

      Yes there is but the info and details are not available now.

      Is there an agreement between the franchisor and other banks, for the franchisee to acquire a loan if needed?

      No, not so far.

      Will the franchisor take care of the advertising of the service and all the fees related to it?

      Yes we provide the initial phase included in the franchise fees, but if the franchisee wants to have more marketing ads he will have to contact us to agree on it with the new term.

      What is the maximum number of zones allowed for each franchisee, and do the permits differ from one zone location to another?

      You can own as many zones as you want as a Franchisee and yes, the permits may vary from one location to the other.

      Once the contract is over, is the franchisee able to renew the contract, and what are the costs related to that?

      Yes, he can renew it for another 1 round for another 5 years, so in total 10 years.

      If there are any misunderstandings between both parties, what is the agreed-upon way to solve this?

      The contract will have all details about any disagreement, refer back to the agreement.

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