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Yumi Food App is a project owned by BO DAHAB

TMAS LTD with the registration number 11899980

Cultures across the ages have always had one or two things 
in common, and one of the most prevalent is food!

The preparation and consumption of food has always brought people together, connected communities.

We all have memories of home, and the meals we have created for families, friends, and loved ones. Learning family recipes from our elders on autumnal Sundays. Baking fairy cakes for the end-of-term party. Working in the kitchen madhouse before a big family gathering. Cooking dinner for two.

Homemade food is closer to our hearts than anything else, stripped of mass manufacturing and industrial processing, it is the food we love; in the place, we live.

Yumi is a platform that connects hungry people and quality cooks in the same community. Cooks support customers with the dishes they crave, cooked in a homely environment stripped of mass productions practices and industrial food manufacturing. Customers support the cooks and couriers in their community when they purchase via Yumi.

Simple ways to connect, make money, and serve delicious food.

Yumi is a delicious choice

For customers :

After the pandemic as many people decided to stay at home to eat or were not able to visit restaurants because of local restrictions. Many people have become tired of creating their home-cooked meals a day in day out! This is where Yumi can offer an alternative meal concept and a welcome break to those who love their food.

We believe that what the customer wants from their food delivery in today’s world is choice and quality. Many of the well-known delivery apps offer a variety of fast-food choices, but what if the discerning customer wants higher quality cooking as well as convenience? This is where Yumi steps in to fill that (hungry tummy) gap. The app has easy-to-use features and allows customers to order something more, something special, for that stay-at-home treat.

For chefs :

We all have memories of home and the food that we have cooked and created for families, friends, and loved ones. Homemade food is closer to our hearts, stripped of mass manufacturing and industrial processing. It’s the food we love in the place we live. Yumi allows talented home cooks, just like you, to make money from their food on their terms. Cooks can be proactive, creating a menu of dishes they have to offer, or reactive, serving the customers in their community with the food they are looking for.

We also have plenty of opportunities for reliable food couriers who want to earn money serving their local community, whilst helping people enjoy great food. Yumi lets you earn money by delivering orders that people crave. It’s not only a fantastic way to make money but you can also get acquainted with people from all walks of life whilst exploring the beautiful sights and sounds in your locality. Yumi lets you make money as you go about your daily life.

For franchisees :

We provide you with a hassle-free franchise opportunity. Franchise roles are often restricted, but we provide you with the flexibility to do your job at your own time and your own pace.

With our franchise opportunity, we think you will quickly see a return on your trusted franchise business, and you can always choose to put in more money down the line if you wish. After all, the more money you put into Yumi the more you make back

There are no employment or business premises needed after you get our business management training your role is to use our control portal to see and manage all the transactions taking place in your territory.

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