My first experience of cooking was at the age of 5, I wanted to make breakfast for my mum in bed.  I decided to cook rice and added the rice to the pot, switched on the cooker and waited only to wonder why the pot was smoking? My mother comes in smoke everywhere, I explained, she told me how grateful, but how dangerous it was, as she laughed and told me I just needed to add water and salt.

I loved cooking from a very young and coming from a mixed heritage background of Caribbean, Welsh and Nigerian, my Welsh grandmother was one of my first cooking inspiration with her homemade meaty soups, saltfish fritters and homemade chips. Throughout my teenage years I learnt from all the best Caribbean, Nigerian cooks within my family, gaining a vast amount of experience in the kitchen, cooking a variety of meals for my friends and family. This allowed me to recognise how good I was at creating delicious fusion cooking. I always dreamed of working running my own food business. I began working with a company managing a busy portfolio of 250 mitchelin chefs selling high quality produce, truffles, chefs’ essentials and feel in love with mitchelin food, which open my taste buds really gave me insight to tastes and textures and delightful balance in food.  In lock down 2020 many people were ordering food online and many individuals wanted good, tasty food that would not normally be accessible through an online platform only a restaurant, that’s when I decided to launch my own seafood business specialising in delicious fusion, New American flavours, combo meals and vegetarian options, gaining fantastic feedback and reviews from our customers and have been going from strength to strength.