There are many reasons why home-cooked food is better than fast food. Home-cooked food is more memory related and sentimental if you ask me, one of the best things is that when there’s a special event or a gathering at your home, you just know that some main dishes and desserts are just going to be there every year in the same time. Even if you go on an annual special occasion to your friends & families, I for one always look forward to check out their signature dishes.

Another reason is that when it comes to fast food is the cost of money & health. Most fast foods contain lots of calories, sodium, carbs & fat, at least when you cook anything at home you have total control on say, the amount of salt you add or the amount of rice you cook. It’s just that subconsciously you know that you fear for your health because if you look at the harms of fast food, it increases the risk of having type-2 diabetes or heart diseases.

Another thing that can be life threatening in some cases are food allergies, there are many types of food that cause allergies such as eggs, peanuts & other types of nuts, shellfish such as lobsters, crabs & shrimps, wheat, barley, fruits such as strawberries, kiwi & bananas, milk allergy is also very common. When you cook at home you don’t risk it with these allergens, unlike when you order take out which unless you know the exact ingredients; it can be risky if you don’t.