Hello there Yumies, the last time we met I spoke about Vitamin-C and how is it good for the human body while mentioning many sources for Vitamin-C. For this week we are going a letter higher, Vitamin-D! This is no ordinary vitamin, it has many functions and one of its main sources is so much fun, try guessing which source is it while we go through the benefits of Vitamin-D.

Unlike Vitamin-C, Vitamin-D is frequently found in fatty foods. Some of the functions of Vitamin-D is that it reduces the risks of having a heart disease, it helps on losing body weight, some people who have Vitamin-D deficiency suffer from depressions so it’s important to consume Vitamin-D, it also helps in regulating the calcium and phosphorus levels.

Fact or Myth? Sunlight helps your body produce Vitamin-D.

Let’s go back for a moment, have you thought about the fun way that can be considered as a primary source of Vitamin-D? You probably guessed it right. Its Sunlight. Having a morning jog or a quick swim in the sun is very healthy because it helps the body to produce Vitamin-D3 and at the same time you get to work out and increase your metabolism.

A part from sunlight, here are other sources of Vitamin-D that you can include in your diet program. Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel, Egg Yolk, Liver and Breakfast Cereals.