Hi my name is Roza, I am from Eritrea, and lived in UK for about 13 years now. I always wanted to work towards integrating my traditional cuisine to other traditions. Ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed cooking because of all that it offers particularly, how much fun it is to get creative with food. I love to try new things. Cooking is my passion as the eldest of my siblings I always took responsibility to look & take care of my 4 siblings specially when my mum was away from home. Since them, I got involved in cooking and after I had my own family, I got more interested & confident in cooking and trying different other cultures cuisines. My favourite dish to cook and always enjoy eating is my traditional spicy chicken with egg stew, it is absolutely delicious and my family’s favourite too, I cook this dish specially on Sundays and we love to eat it with our traditional Enjera fragmented flat bread. This dish brings all the family together & that’s why I always wanted to introduce it to others.


This is cabbage, carrot, and sweet belly paper stew with traditional Eritrean flatbread. African origin.

This is a spicy chicken with egg stew, which can be eaten with a traditional flatbread Enjera or rice. African origin

This is vegetarian-friendly dish spinach with traditional flatbread Enjera, also can be eaten with rice. African origin

This is rice with marinated spicy chicken and spinach stew. British origin.

This is a yummy spicy lamb with egg stew that can be eaten with Enjera traditional Eritrean and Ethiopian flatbread also can be eaten with rice. African origin

This is called Himbasha traditional Eritrean and Ethiopian bread is delicious. African origin.