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Are you a busy parent? Do you have long shifts and you get home late? Preparing balanced home-cooked meals for your kids is not a challenge for you anymore because Yumi is here for you. Get your fridge stocked with healthy, fresh half-cooked food from Yumi and enjoy it in just a few minutes and have it the way you like.

Pies and casseroles are no longer on weekends only, now you can have your favorite meal or dessert whenever you desire in any day of the week.

With Yumi, we offer the home-cooked food box made by our talented home chefs with a homemade taste and a professional touch, just heat and eat.


Yumi pre-order

Do you have a family gathering coming soon and you are not sure what to cook? Are you worried about satisfying everyone’s taste in your meals?

With Yumi, forget about all this hassle because Yumi is here to save the day and don’t think about what you have to cook every day. We offer a 7-day pre-order option so that you don’t need to worry about the big day as Yumi will organize it for you. You can also order your favorite meal in the morning and get it delivered whenever the time that suits you the most whether it’s in the morning or in the evening. A dining table is a place full of memories so make it whole by pre-ordering your favorite dishes with the Yumi App to satisfy your family’s cravings. Plan for your holidays by pre-ordering from Yumi

Yumi calorie calculator

Have you ever had a new year’s resolution to become more fit and healthier but you are struggling in finding the right time? Or even stuck with fast food delivery Apps? You are now in luck, with Yumi’s calorie calculator, not only you are going to have a healthy meal, but also you will have various options from different types of our simply irresistible healthy dishes from various cuisines. Yumi is your gate to find healthy home-cooked food.

Yumi got you covered!

The calorie calculator and the meal ingredients are all available on the App so that you can specifically create your perfect diet meal which is definitely going to help you achieve your goal and at the same time you will enjoy it the Yumi way.

               ROAD TO SUCCESS

What is Yumi?

Do you remember the smell of your grandmother’s warm potage Parmentier soup? Yumi is here to bring back that feeling. Delivered to your doorstep. Yumi makes you feel at home. With only a click of a button. You can access a huge range of cuisines {French, Italian, Spanish….,} with the Yumi app we deliver the world to your doorstep.

Yumi is our easy-to-use app for delicious yummy home-cooked food. We are specialized in various cuisines. Customers can get breakfast, lunch and dinner, Any time of the day with the Yumi app

We deliver locally, enabling our chefs to create a word-of-mouth reputation for their food for their local community.

Pay it forward with Yumi

Yumi pays it forward to the lovely community by creating job opportunities after the major impact of Covid-19, we are also donating £ 0.03 of every order to those impacted by the global lockdown.

Help us spread the love with Yumi.

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